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essay on Walmart

Essay on Walmart Case Study

Case Study of Walmart

Question 1

Essay on Walmart

Essay on Walmart case study is a distribution center (DC) and a functional building which is air conditioned and stocked with goods ready for distribution to the retailers, wholesalers, as well as directly to the consumers. The products are stored in short period distribution centers that are significant players in a supply chain. The supply chains experience significant changes over the last decades such as declining warehouse numbers and enhanced outsourcing.

Essay on Walmart Review

Distribution centers stores goods for short time frames as fulfilling orders occurs, often daily. Besides, DCs functions on the movement of goods, throughput, information collection, and reporting. It receives, picks orders, assembles orders, and ships the products. A DC acts as a consolidation center to make bulk or break-bulk the products for distribution. It acts as a cross-dock for receiving goods and shipping them at the earliest opportunities without undergoing prolonged storage. It also serves as a transshipment facility where goods are offloaded and reloaded on different vehicles. Besides, it is a depot for all returned products (Shafiq, 2012).

Essay on Walmart

A sustainable DC differs significantly from a typical DC in various aspects. A sustainable DC entails business practices that reduce adverse environmental impacts, an aspect which is not a priority in the typical DC. Such methods are optimized logistic processes and the whole operation uses renewable energy, hence reducing the environmental impact. Other attributes of a sustainable DC unavailable in a typical DC which minimize power consumption as well as carbon emission are energy efficient light systems and rainwater harvesting.

 Environmental and Social Investment in a DC

Category Examples Benefits Risks
Design and BuildInstalling large number of skylightsProvide natural light to the distribution center, particularly during daytime hoursThe skylights are only applicable during daytime hours and summers since during winter, there is a higher energy consumption due to the colder temperatures and shorter days.
Installing Geo-exchange systems such as forced air distribution systems and hydronic heating systemsSignificantly reduces the stores energy consumption

Reduce carbon footprint emitted by the business operations


High cost of installation.
Rainwater harvesting for collecting, filtering, and storing rain water.Used to water the landscapes and plants.


The project requires significant capital to store and pump the water. It is expensive in areas with abundance of water as well as regions where the authority do not encourage such initiatives thus obtaining permits is difficult.


Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce power.Potential ROI due to the government guaranteed feed in tariffs as well as other incentives.In some regions such as Alberta, it takes several years to achieve the ROI.


Operation A zero-waste management plan such as Styrofoam recycling program, dedicated chewing-gum compositing bin.Prevents environmental degradation from waste materials such as plastics and chewing gums.


Requires strong implementation strategy.
Using LED lighting technology


provide energy efficiency

Contain no mercury, thus not presenting a health hazard.

-Have a long shelf-life

Higher capital compared to fluorescent systems

Reduced brightness over time.

Possible change of chemical composition which is hazardous to human.

Recyclable packagingEnsures environmental conservation.Management requires strong policies.
Product SelectionEco-friendly productsEnsures that no wastes affects the environment because they are recycled to make new products.It can involve high capital to install the recycling structure.
cotton shopping bagsEnsures that customers and the company reuse them and also prevents dumping.The packaging materials are expensive.
solar lawn mower for cleaning the external surrounding– It is powered by the solar energy which is a green and renewable energy.Such products cannot be used at night and during the winters when there is unavailability of solar.

Question 5 Recommendations to Management

Corporate social responsibility is growing in interest in the contemporary business world and organizations are examining and improving their operational practices to ensure that they preserve and improve the environment. The practices are also provided in the chain management and organizations are striving to establish sustainable distribution networks, including a sustainable distribution center.

Regardless, there are potential benefits and setback for every approach adopted and can involve a myriad of tradeoffs. Garbutt needs to make a prudent decision towards building a sustainable DC in Balzar. A wind power is the best source of energy of the DC plant. It is the best way Garbutt can satisfy Elli’s challenge of establishing the most sustainable DC globally. The three sustainable options sought against parameters such as pollution, renewable, setup capital, price inflation, operating costs, and efficiency (Shafiq, 2012).

Essay on Walmart Case Study

Although wind energy offers less efficiency compared to other sources, it offers the green and renewable energy source. Besides, it requires the least initial capital outlay. Moreover, its costs of the energy are predictable, and price fluctuations are not robust as with others. Therefore, Walmart needs to avoid trade off much compared to other sources adopted.

The success of utilizing the wind as the source of renewable and sustainable energy measures  a myriad of metrics. It includes evaluating the outcomes after a particular period. A comparison with other distribution centers using alternative energy source can provide an insight into its viability. Besides, its degree of efficiency, operating costs, and reliability over a specified period can indicate the overall performance of the energy source. As corporate social responsibility is a major concern today, the consumer behavior regarding the new store can indicate its acceptability in the region.

Question 6 (Essay on Walmart –  CRS)

Corporate social responsibility (CRS) is one aspect of the case that is worth noting. CRS is a business strategy adopted by a vast majority of today’s organizations that holds the businesses responsible for the impacts, both negative and positive its operations and activities causes to the environment where it operates. Since it has become a critical issue in the contemporary economies, it influences consumer behaviors and organizations strive to adopt sustainable practices. Consumers are less likely to purchase products which adversely affect the environment or whose production and distribution process is not socially responsible.

An example of such ethical practices is deploying a sustainable renewable source of energy. Carbon emissions from traditional forms of fuel such as coal cause global increases carbon footprint into the atmosphere exacerbating global warming. Such energy sources produce adversely impacts the environment, thus undesirable. Walmart’s direction to start a sustainable distribution center is on grounds of the premise of CRS. It means that their energy source options are green and renewable, thus protecting the environment. What the practices rely on is the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Essay on Walmart Case Study

The main learning lesson from the study is that every organization today is striving to ensure environmental sustainability. Amid the growing impact of global warming on environmental degradation as a result of unethical business practices, environmental sustainability is of growing interest. Every organization is adopting sustainable practices such as deploying renewable energy sources, agricultural practices, and packaging which are sustainable.

Moreover, organization’s prosperity is not only measured by its profitability or profits but also its efforts to protect the environment. Therefore, organizations such as retail companies like Walmart that conduct direct business with the consumers should ensure that their business practices and activities are responsible and preserve the environment. The consumers are likely to accept products from such organizations (Shafiq, 2012).

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