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U.S. Declining Power Essay

U.S. Declining Power Essay

U.S. Declining Power Essay

Many people have taken a keen interest on the topic (U.S. declining power essay). The United States is losing its status as the world superpower. Many assert that China is already catching up or even surpassing the U.S. in the near future. The group argues that China’s economy is on track and that this may earn it a superpower status.


On the other hand, others feel that the U.S. will continue to hold its position as a world superpower. The group argues that economic growth no longer translates into military power as evident in the past. The group describes the idea that U.S. is “wishful”. In the analysis, focus will be on whether U.S. is a declining power or a growing super power. The areas of focus is on historical facts and the future of the U.S. Now that Donald Trump is the president.

Is the U.S. a Declining Power?


United States has been a powerful nation globally for a long time. Its status is based on its economic, political influence, and military power. Other factors considered are the level of innovation and lifestyle. The exists factors that give U.S. the power to control the outcome and events. They include victory in times of conflict, control over resources, and the power influence nations. Over the past few years, however, many people, including Americans, have speculated that America is losing its super power status to nations with great power category.

Some sources claim that the 45th president of the United States inherit a regime undergoing super power decline, weak military, low international influence, and an array of adversaries. American allies are rumored to be losing faith in Washington. This means that enemies are gaining more power and becoming increasingly powerful. Nations from the East particularly China challenge the U.S. and predicts that the long-term consequences affects, or adopted by future generations. This is because there is a dramatic reversal of strategies and thinking by Washington. The United States is, indeed, declining as a superpower.

U.S. Declining Power Facts

People have presented different recommendations on the current role of United States towards the global stage. Many argue that this nation is not as powerful as it was several decades ago. With this in mind, it is important to look at how and when United States became a superpower and indicators that show that power decline.

Signs that the United States would become a powerful nation could be felt in the early 19th century. After the year 1898 Treaty of Paris the U.S. became an expatriate power with foreign regions such as Puerto Rico and Philippines. After WWI and WWII, great powers such as France, Great Britain, and Japan were experiencing economic hardships and military losses. These circumstances negatively affected their status as they were on a power decline. Simultaneously, the United States and the Soviet Union became more powerful and this created rivalry between them and other countries in domination of the world.

U.S. Declining Power Essay

After ending the Cold War and collapsing the Soviet Union, United States stood as the world’s only superpower. The country was now projecting its influence on other nations. Several decades that followed, the United States entered into war with Afghanistan, Iraq, and they experienced 9/11 attacks. They started war on terror and influenced other nations to join hands and conflict emerged in the Middle East nations with US masterminding the whole procedure. Generally, several significant events happened after America became a superpower but its international standing and influence represented a declining curve. The array of domestic outcomes and foreign policy disasters has slowly stripped America of the capacity to lead and oversee global orders and strategies (Kinzer, 2016).

The U.S. economic development has not been easy especially after the 2008 Great Recession.  While nations like China and India are growing stronger economically and America is struggling to fully recover from the effects of the recession. The partial recovery has been biased since it has favored corporates’ profit margins and stock prices over employment and wage growth, while wide discrepancies continued to be felt in various regions. A poll conducted by the NBS News and Wall Street Journal showed that 57% of Americans who were surveyed still felt that America was yet to be out of a recession.

U.S. Declining Power Essay Review

The over $19 trillion nations debt also raises some legitimate concerns. The figure is expected to rise in the future since president-elect Donald Trump’s policies are expected to increase the debt significantly. A high national debt affects long-term economic growth in the long term. American seems to be taking a dangerous path due to its high debt and this could result in slow economic growth since interest rates may go up and inflation may occur. Greece and Japan are prime examples of countries that have experienced economic stagnation as a result of high public debt and the U.S. suffers the same fate. Economic stability is one of the factors that have ensured that U.S. maintains its superpower status but this could soon be undermined if strategic financial decisions are not made effectively (Mabee, 2013).

While many individuals believe that the U.S. is powerful, they question its willingness to exert that power and influence. America may no longer be viewed as reliable particularly when it comes to its foreign policies. For example, political analysts have questioned whether this nation can protect island located in the South China Sea. America’s domestic policies and its willingness to take up its role are also seen in the way U.S. adopts double standards. America has always portrayed itself as an advocate and defender of the human rights and their democratic beliefs. However, after 9/11 incident, torture was applied on the suspected terrorists and were confined in Guantanamo Bay.

U.S. Declining Power Essay Sample

United States has publicly condemned other nations for violating human rights, yet proceeded to abuse these rights. America has also declined to sign important international treaties with other countries. A good example is the International Criminal Court which, the United States is not a member. The country’s unwillingness to abide by what it has for long promoted shows that US has lost its influence when it comes to some global issues. Many people no longer view America as a trend setter in various issues since it violates that which it claims to advocate. America has not been setting an example for global leadership and has severally violated principles it claims to support and abuse of its superpower status. The recent election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States did not come with the promise of a better America in this aspect (Al Jazeera, 2015).

Other superpowers such as China and Brazil have emerged. Signs of an emerging new world order are impossible to ignore. For instance, Russia has openly defied U.S. and Turkey has openly ignored pleas by United States government and has undertaken its affairs independently. Reports have indicated that Russia-U.S. relations have not been this bad since the 1970s. Before the recently concluded U.S. elections, some intelligence officials in the U.S. accused Russia of hacking and releasing emails by Clinton and other campaign officials; thus, meddling with the elections. Their relationship is yet to be straightened out even though there is hope that Trump presidency will resolve existing differences.

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The U.S. is no longer seen as the model for order and strategic policies since world affairs have become more complex owing to the presence of multiple influential players. These nations are gradually gaining more power in the global scene and this implies that the world is tending towards multi-polarity (Kinzer, 2016). A report compiled by the National Intelligence Council dubbed Global Trends 2030, shows that U.S. will lose its status as a superpower by the year 2030. This report also states that global networks and coalitions will have more influence and no single nation will be a superpower. Asia is a prime example of a region that is expected to gain more influence in global matters. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that emerging superpowers have some things to iron out before they can become fully fledged superpowers.

For instance, in the year 2016, the best countries ranking puts U.S in the first position in terms of power and leadership, Russia at position two for political influence, and China at number two in terms of economic influence. While China is viewed as a likely challenger of U.S. in the battle of supremacy, the country is yet to gain enough influence since while its economy is robust, its military is weak when compared to that of U.S. Other problems facing China such as poverty levels, geopolitical position and pollution problems are seen as a hindrance (Lieber, 2012). While this may be true, times are changing since emerging superpowers continue to rise.

The relationship between American and its alliances has weakened over the years. Key allies claim that America has not treated them well in recent years. Israel is perhaps the closest ally in the Middle East, yet it has been treated with scorn by the administration. The Iran nuclear agreement is seen to agree to Tehran’s demands. Israel and Saudi Arabia do not support the nuclear deal and the defense minister went ahead to compare it with the 1938 Munich Agreement signed between the European powers and Nazi Germany. Israel considers Iran to be a major supporter of terrorism in the world as it continues to openly state that it will destroy Israel.

The Russia-American alliance has weakened on a political level. Russia was a key U.S. ally but no longer. The United States needs to restore and rebuild such strategic partnerships since they help strengthen its position and enable it to stand up to its enemies. America has been known to undermine the sovereignty of various states and this affects the trust and confidence between it and various nations. The nation is always seen as acting for its selfish interests rather than shared interests and this has put off some nations (Lachmann, 2014).

With this in mind, the implications and prospects for peace or conflict in the international system become clear. United Sates had not exercised its authority well as a superpower when dealing with international issues. The worst case scenario is that other nations will look up to emerging superpowers. U.S’s lack of willingness has indicated that it cannot be relied on as a pace setter. There exists few emerging superpowers that have exercised their power well and this compromises the position of United States as the supreme state (Rourke & Boyer, 2010).

The presence of several other key players may mean that the United States will not be the overall decision maker since the views and standpoints of these players will also affect the overall decision. United States has continued to distance itself from its key allies and this is not a strategic decision. As the U.S. fights to retain its position as a superpower, other emerging nations keep rising and they threaten to catch up. Conflicts represent an unlikely outcome since the process is gradual given that some people insist that the U.S. retains and strengthen its status as a superpower.


Credible evidence proves that United States is, indeed, losing its status as a superpower. The process is quite gradual and this may explain why some people insist that the U.S. will remain a superpower.

America gained its status as a superpower at the start of the 19th century. This was decades ago and its status in the global scene began to dwindle. Factors such as its economic status, unwillingness to abide by international policies, its weakening relationship with its allies, and the emergence of other superpowers are key pointers to an imminent takeover. United States is a declining nation in regards to power. The decline of U.S. ends up losing its superpower status in the global stage.

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